Monday, July 21, 2008

Sustainable Packaging and Beauty Products

Last week, Scandle LLC, had the opportunity to exhibit at in the "New & Emerging Beauty" section at Cosmoprof 2008, an international beauty event for the trade only.

When I had a moment to walk the floor, I was apalled at the number of hair care & cosmetic companies that were still not worrying about the impact their packaging will have on the environment. To a lot of these companies, it was all about who could have the flashiest packaging. Although it may be true that flashy packaging is more eye-appealing and will attract the customers, I think it's time we try to look beyond that and ask ourselves what impact a company's packaging will have on the environment and what their stand is on sustainability.
From a business stand-point, I realize that more companies today are more eco-consious than say 20 years ago, but a lot of companies are holding back due to cost issues. However, doing something as simple as making your packaging re-usable is doing something for the greater cause and that doesn't cost all that much, does it?

For instance, The Scandle Body Candle 7.5oz comes in a porcelain canister that can be reused. After the massage candle is gone, the canister makes a great syrup dispenser, creamer, or vase.
I think that many manufacuturers are torn between doing what is right for the planet and doing what will attract the most customers - which is usually flashy packaging. I think that it is our duty as consumers to help companies realize that it's the planet and the quailty of the product we care about, not the glitz and glam and purchase products from companies that promote sustainability.

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