Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Green with Body Products and Cosmetics

Going "green" with cosmetics and body products is more than just switching to mineral makup. It's about being aware of the ingredients that are incorporated into the products' formulations. What is the packaging made of? How safe is the product? How will it affect the environment?

Be sure to read the labls and look for specific ingredients. Steer clar of parabens and fragrances. Try to avoid talc when possible, as it has been linked to lung damage and certain cancers. Try to find cosemtics that have fewer than 10 ingredients and understand what you are looking for in the ingredients. Invest in a cosmetics dictionary - it will be your best friend. Do not buy products that are tested on animals. Make sure that when you discard your old cosmetic you recycle any containers that you can.

The Scandle for instance does not test or use animals or animal by-products, has fewer than 10 ingredients (i.e. soy, shea, jojoba, vitamin E, & essential oils), is paraben free, and utilizes reusable canisters and packaging made from recyced materials.

In our next post we will feature the "dirty dozen" for cosmetics that professionals say to avoid.


  1. It sounds interesting but I am not sure that I agree with you completely….

  2. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for your comment. Let me know what you don't agree with?

  3. I love Bath & Body Works fragrances ! beauty products reviews..Thanks for the review.