Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beauty Myth of the Day

Scandle Candle's Beauty Myth Countdown

Myth# 8:

Natural and organic products are always better.


Consumer beware!! Many natural and organic products are not what they appear. More often than not, active ingredients have to be synthesized to be bioavailable and efficacious. Some synthetic compounds can actually be identical to those found in nature and can be more effective. Just because something says organic does not mean it is better for you skin than something that is not.

Not all chemicals are bad, but not all natural or organic ingredients are good.

Scandle Candles are always made from the best ingredients nature has to offer, such as: shea butter, vitamin E and is free from paraffin and petroleum.

Always do you research when you come across a natural or organic product. Not everything is a promising as it sounds.


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