Friday, August 22, 2008

Natural Beauty Made in The USA

According to consumer polls, most Americans don't know or care where products are made, and if asked will say only that they would buy American-made products if the cost were the same or nearly the same as the imported versions.

With our single-minded pursuit of low prices, we have attained unprecedented levels of material possessions, but what have we given up? The answers are all around us if we would but look. The more I read and listen, the more reasons I find to pay attention to where things are made.
At Scandle LLC, we are making big strides to ensure that every component of our Massage Candles (even the packaging) is made right here in the good ole' US of A! Although doing so may cost us more to produce the product, for us, it's a commitment to make the planet a little "greener." How is this helping our planet?

Buying products from U.S. companies, and moreso US companies that use US components, often means reduced transportation impacts (from shipping of inputs and finished products), and cleaner, more energy-efficient production relative to imported products from less developed nations. In addition buying US supports our economy.

So the next time your shopping around for your beauty buys, take a good look at the label and packaging and ask yourself, "Is this, I mean ALL of this made in the USA?"

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