Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Constitutes A Green Spa?

By now most people are somewhat familiar with green business operations and the reasons for operating a business with the environment in mind. As with many industries in the United States and abroad, the spa industry is beginning to realize the impact it has on the environment due to the high use of energy, water and waste. In addition, the fact that spas are places that consumers seek out for stress reduction, detoxification, and skin care, places them in an excellent position to educate clients about the environment’s impact on one’s health and wellness. It is fitting then that spa operators are concerned with educating consumers about taking care of the environment just as they would their physical bodies.

Based on information from The Green Spa Network, a green spa constitutes the following characteristics:

  • Strives to conserve energy and water resources.

  • Is committed to using materials that can be recycled, follows recycling practices, and is always looking for ways to minimize waste.

  • Utilizes natural and organic skin care products (like the Scandle Body Candle for instance)

  • Believes that it has a responsibility to guests and to the planet to reduce exposure to toxic substances and to minimize hazardous waste generation.

  • Is open to learning and adopting new environmentally friendly strategies and techniques.

  • Shares its concern for the Earth's well-being with guests.

Remember that your overall health and wellness extend beyond your physical body to the environment at large.

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