Monday, October 6, 2008

Massage Candles Made in The USA vs. China

I recently received an email from a company in China that is manufacturing Massage Candles like The Scandle Body Candle. As I mentioned in an earlier blog about buying USA, in this case, it is important that consumers know exactly what they may or may not be getting when purchasing a spa, beauty, or massage product from China. Sure, it may be cheaper, but here's what you should consider, paticularly if you are as committed to sustainability as Scandle:

1.) In light of the recent recall of toys and other consumables coming from China containing led, etc. It's important to that products coming from China do not have any regulations. Although they may claim the product is all natural, there is no way to be sure!

2.) There are no regulations on bath and body products coming from China. Factories can operate in unsanitary conditions, which can be a huge liability issue when it comes to body massage candles. This company is claiming that their massage candle base (which is a straight soy wax, not like The Scandle that contains soy butter, shea butter, jojoba, & Vitamin E) is made in the United States, but again how can you be sure?

3.) China is one of the top contributors to environmental waste.
So if you see a Body Candle that looks like this, be LEARY!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and the importance of buying USA made beauty & spa products.

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