Friday, October 17, 2008

Take Your Spa's Retail Sales to the Next Level

Want to increase your retail sales? Most spas today could double their bottom line with a serious retail sales management plan. In this day and age, spas need to adapt their ways of dealing with retail due to numerous retail giants crossing over into sacred spa waters. To survive in this economy your spa needs to power up how it sells, stocks, and promotes its retail offerings. Here are 10 ways:

  • Focus on results - Many spas todays are so focused on relaxing spa-goers that thre is little attention paid to what they are looking to achieve during their spa experience.

  • Cultivate Selling Skills - Your spa customers have tons of products, which is why you need to know what is better or different about your products. (i.e The Scandle is not just another candle, but a candle that you can use for massage, manicures/pedicures, or as a daily moisturizer)

  • Attractive Displays - Make your displays tell a story.

  • Pay Attention to Product Selection - Start with at least 3 full brands

  • Offer a Reason to Buy Today - BOGO's work well!

  • Get ready to sell! - Allocate the necessary time for boosting spa sales.

  • Out of Sight is Out of Mind - Don't put shelves too of your shopper's peripheral vision.

  • Create A Bundle of Joy - Design spa packages by adding products to the offering. For instance, many spas will offer a Body Candle Massage Treatment and give the un-used portion of The Scandle to their customer to take home.

  • Sell from start to finish - Selling starts the moment the guest walks through the front door.

  • Capitalize on impulse Purchases - Place a small collection of inexpensive or fun items at the cash and wrap station like The Scandle Travel tins.

Have some ideas on taking your spa or beauty sales to the next level? Share them with us today!

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  1. Spa bath and body products are often sold through impluse purchases... That's why you one every now and then in small quantities.