Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greening your Zzz's

Millions of people have trouble getting a good night's rest. These problems can be traced back to all sorts of sleep-related disorders, but what if your bedroom just needed a little "greening" to capture those Zzz's.

All mattresses sold in the US are required to meet fire safety tests. You need to be careful what fire retardants your mattress contains. While they serve the very important purpose of reducing the risks of fire, some have actually been identified as carcinogens (boric acid and antimony).

We all know that the majority of "green" furniture can get pretty pricey, but a mattress made out of natural latex, wool, or melamine can reduce exposure to toxins. If you can't invest right now, grab a hypoallergenic cover to create a barrier between you and your bed. We all know a girl has gotta have her beauty sleep.

Got any great bedroom greening ideas? Let us know.......

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