Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Primer Perfection

Foundation primer can smooth out your skin so foundation can be applied with ease to create a perfect complexion. As we attend all these wonderful holiday festivities, who wouldn't want a perfect complexion?

Well here are some pros and cons when it comes to primer, not all skin types and primers are created equal!

  • Oily skin usually fairs better with a primer. The primer creates a barrier between the oil and the skin, so your makeup doesn't absorb into your skin. It will stay fresh a lot longer.
  • Dry skin also benefits from primer. The primer can cover those dry patches that your foundation can settle into.
  • Not all primers and foundations mix well together.
  • If you already have smooth and healthy skin (lucky you!!!) you do not need a primer
  • Some sensitive skin may actually be slightly irritated by a primer
  • When other makeup doesn't mix well with the primer, it can ball up or peel. If that happens, chances are you'll have to wash everything off and start again.
The best thing to do is try out your primer a couple of days before any special event so you can anticipate any problems.

Got a great holiday beauty tip? Let us know...............

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