Monday, January 11, 2010

Japanese beauty, a world apart

Whew! Just got back from Japan this week and had a great time. While I enjoyed time with family and friends, I could not help but notice some of the unique beauty products around me.

While all beauty differs around the world, Japanese beauty is definitely some of the most unique.

Japanese women are known for their longer-than-average grooming time. In Japan, a woman can easily spend over 2 hours getting ready every day. Well if you used some of these top sellers in beauty, it might take that long too!

If you are bothered by the size of your nose and need to do something about it, pick up a Hana Hana Nose Stretcher. This stretcher looks pretty much like an over sized clothespin. At less than $7 at the average Japanese drug store, this "natural nose lift" is a real bargain in place of the plastic surgery version.

Another popular item in Japan is the face mask that apparently shrinks your face. In Japan, a slim face is a mark of beauty. Put on this rubber mask and it supposedly massages and melts away fat from your face.

Along with these popular items, there are about 100 different brands or versions of serums, powders, creams or tools claiming to create eye creases. Some have rave reviews but most product enhanced eye creases last about an hour.

Got any unique beauty products we need to know about? Have you tried any of the treatments mentioned above? Let us know.......


  1. where can i order hana hana ? im a filipina . and , may i ask how much am i gonna spent if i orderd ? hana hana is $7 so here in the philippines we convert it into 45 . the result is 315 ... pls reply thanks !

  2. Thank you for commenting on our blog post. If you are looking for Hana Hana, try this link: Also, be sure to follow our new blog at