Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vitamin supplements, myth or fact?

There continues to be a debate between topical vitamin skin care treatments and vitamin supplements taken by mouth. Vitamin deficiencies can make skin look lifeless.

In a recent study, patients who took nutritional supplements while also using topical applications of beauty products containing vitamins saw healthier skin, reduced sun damage and in some result it can even repair DNA.

Do vitamin supplements really improve your skin?

Well, health care experts believe that for people who follow a strict, daily diet that provides an adequate dose of vitamins and supplements, it may be unnecessary. But for those of us a little less on the daily strict diet program, supplements are a vital part of a balanced skin care routine.

Here are some vitamins and their skin healthy benefits:
  • Vitamin A is a necessity for the maintenance and repair of skin tissue
  • Vitamins C and E reduce the damage free radicals cause to our skin
  • Vitamin B Complex is essential for the maintenance of skin, hair and nails
  • Colostrum contains natural growth factors to nourish skin
  • Omega 3 promotes a healthy cellular process

What other vitamins are good for your skin? If you know, let us in on it too!

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