Monday, June 30, 2008

Beautiful Basil

Basil is a well-known cooking and garden herb and is part of the Labiateae Family in the plant kingdom. This makes it a relative of other well-known herbs such as Lavendar, Thyme and Sage.

The essential oil of Sweet basil is extracted by steam distillation from all the above ground parts of the plant, but is concentrated primarily in the leaves. The oil is a light green colour and has a refreshing odour like a mixture of thyme, peppermint and liquorice.

Basil oil may be used to reduce nervousness, nervous debility, anxiety and headache and is one of the main essential oils in our new Dextoxifying Blend Massage Candle.

Basil oil is thought of a ‘de-toxifier’ as it stimulates sluggish and congested circulation of the skin and can be used for acne and minor skin infections. It is also reputed to have antiseptic value and to neutralise the toxins of bites and stings.

All this and it tastes great in pasta too! Who would have thought?

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