Friday, June 13, 2008

Scents for Your Health

Aromatherapy is probably the most increasingly popular holistic treatment of our age. Since prehistoric times, aromatherapy was used to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Almost everyone has experienced some of the aromatherapy benefits often without even realizing it. Today, modern medical science comes to agree with our ancestors and prove that essential oils can be used for therapeutic purposes.

The Scandle Massage Candle was created on the premise that essential oils are absorbed into the body with two main ways, inhalation and absorption by skin. When an essential oil is inhaled, say by lighting a Scandle Body Candle, it activates the nerve cells in the nasal cavity which send impulses that stimulate the brain and produce positive feelings and emotions, while at the same time substances of the essential oils are drawn into the lungs and then quickly absorbed into the bloodstream providing physical therapeutic benefits. Moreover, when an essential oil is applied to skin (never undiluted), say by using the Scandle Body Candle Oil on the skin for massage, it penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream this way.

Therefore, aromatherapy can be helpful in combating various conditions and promoting emotional wellbeing. The most noteworthy psychological benefits of Aromatherapy are spirit stimulation, mental clarity, stress relief and mood improvement. On the other hand, essential oils can help circulation system, support immune system, regulate human hormones and aid skin regeneration - just to name few of the physical benefits.

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