Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Need a pick up? Try a hand massage.

The hand is one of the most useful structures in the human body and one of a few things that set us apart from most other animals.

The hand contains 19 bones and 14 small joints for movement, as well as numerous muscles, ligaments and sheaths.

With that said, a hand massage is a great stress reducer and mood lifter when you can't find the time for some serious pampering. Here are some great tips to ensure a stress reducing pick-me-up. Don't forget your Scandle, the oil is a must to ensure a perfect, time-efficient massage.
  • Start with the person's dominant hand; that hand probably worked harder throughout the day.
  • Take the hand and pour a few drops of oil onto the top of the hand.
  • Rub the top of the hand gently with a circular motion using all four fingers, working from the large part of the hand up through the base of the fingers and then to the tips of the fingers.
  • Next, with your thumb, apply a bit more pressure to the top of the hand and massage the top of the hand with an up and down motion, working from the wrist area up through the base of the fingers and then out to the fingertips.
  • Apply oil as you see fit; if the area gets a little dry, add more.
  • Turn the hand over and pour a few more drops into the palm of the hand.
  • Begin working the palm by placing your thumb into the palm of the hand with your four fingers on the other side of the hand.
  • Using your thumb in a circular motion, gently press around the palm, thumb and around the base of each finger.
  • From there, return to the palm, and continue the circular motion down the palm to the wrist. Do this on the entire palm.
  • Shake the hand slightly to check its state of relaxation. The hand should feel loose at the wrist and relaxed.
  • Start all over again on the other hand and repeat the steps.
  • Now its your turn. Enjoy!!!!
If you have any other hand massage tips or quick pick-me-up ideas, please do share........

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  1. Great tips! Now if I can just find someone to give my hands a massage this evening. :-)