Monday, August 10, 2009

Niche, Natural Beauty

There is a new trend emerging in the European beauty markets that without a doubt will have its effects on the U.S. soon.

The mainstreaming of the European natural cosmetics market is leading new developers and existing suppliers to develop beauty products for specific, niche consumer segments.

New natural products have been introduced especially for babies and children, teenagers and men. The natural beauty market has definitely taken hold of the European market and now producers are branching out into professional applications like anti-aging and skin therapy.

But, just because a beauty product is labeled "natural" does not mean it is the real deal. While this new trend is great for true natural beauty products, until regulations catch up with the movement, it is always important to understand what "natural" means.

Always read your labels. Scandle is made from 100% natural and vegan products.

If you have found any great new natural beauty products, please share with us.


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