Friday, September 11, 2009

Smell your way happy

More and more research is beginning to confirm what all of us already knew, the effects of smell are real. Smell can positively effect your mood. One study suggests that scent exposure to a particular fragrance can even reawaken memories of an experience from the distant past.

Essential oils are generally characterized by notes (top, middle or base). A base note is always the deepest and heaviest scent. A top note is always light and airy and the middle falls in between the two.

Usually a lighter note is used to elevate a person's spirit and deal with emotions. A base note should be used to address deep tissue problems.

Don't forget your Scandle originals, infused with essential oils to help you with any kind of day.

What are your favorite essential oil smells? Do share your Scandle-ous faves.

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