Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Luxurious Lavender, more than just a sweet smell

Lavender is one of the most distinctive smells in nature. Spas utilize lavender in many of their treatments because it helps relax the mind and the body.

Not only does lavender smell oh-so-relaxing, it also has purposes beyond the spa realm. Lavender can be used as a natural antiseptic, to treat minor cuts and burns and to treat bee stings, allergies and acne; and also as an anti-inflammatory.

Some research shows if you apply lavender oil to your temples, it will soothe headaches. It is also used as an aid to sleep and three flower-heads, added to a cup of boiling water can be used as a relaxing and soothing bedtime drink.

For a do-it-yourself, luxurious lavender spa treatment, see below:

Lavender Bath treatment

  • 4 cups distilled water
  • 3 tbs. jojoba oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
Mix all of the ingredient and store in a sealed container until you are ready to use it. Pour the entire contents under hot running water and soak.

For the ultimate lavender experience, follow up your soak with Scandle Candle in Lavender or a Scandle Essentials in the Calming Blend, which contains pure french lavender essential oil.

Got any at-home lavender spa treatments? Let us know....

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