Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skip the cookies, add it to your skin care!

Macadamia nuts are a staple in many sweet holiday baking goods but this delicious nut is much more than a baker's friend; it is a great beauty and waistline friend. Macadamias are teaming with fiber, monounsaturated fat and palmitoleic fatty acid, an omega-7 that helps fight weight gain.

Because of the nut's high oil content it is great for mature, dry and sun-damaged skin. Macadamia nut oil is soothing, nourishing and moisturizing; it is also easily absorbed into the skin. While the oil contains unique skin care properties not found in any other oil, the nuts also work in crushed form in scrubs.

For your at-home macadamia nut scrub, try this Grapefruit Spa Salt Glow.

You'll need:
  • 1/2 cup fine mineral salts
  • 1/2 cup dead sea salts (don't forget your Scandle's Dead Sea Salt Soak & Scrub)
  • 8 oz. macadamia nut oil
  • 40 drops ruby red grapefruit essential oil
  • 20 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • Mix essential oils into the macadamia nut oil in a large bowel/container
  • Add your salts and mix well
  • Apply evenly over entire body with your hands, a loofah or a towel
  • Take a shower to rinse off your scrub
  • This treatment is great as a pre-shave routine, just avoid any cuts or scraps on your skin
Got any great at-home Macadamia nut remedies or treatments? Let us know.......

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