Monday, February 8, 2010

Fried foods = acne, fact or fiction?

How many times did your mom say, "Eating greasy foods will make you get pimples?" Mine sure did! So I am happy to say that this golden beauty rule is indeed a myth.

While I don't encourage you to down a greasy meal every day, it is safe to say it will not effect your complexion. There is no scientific evidence that fried foods can cause or worsen acne. But still, eating excessive amounts of fried foods is not a healthy waistline option.

However, there is strong evidence that if you work in a greasy environment your acne will get worse. If your skin is exposed to airborne grease from frying foods, you will need a good cleanser and astringent to fight the effects.

What is a "beauty golden rule" you now know to be a myth? Let us know......

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