Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sensitivity, It's in your air

More than half of Americans say they have some type of skin sensitivity but a recent study says only 2 percent are actually born with it.

Skin sensitivity can result from certain products or ingredients coming in contact with your skin and causing excessive dryness, burning, redness and tightness. Sensitivity can be genetic and inherent but the majority of people that have negative reactions from products are affected so because of environmental or lifestyle factors.

Environmental factors and exposure to irritating ingredients and chemicals are known to bring on skin sensitivity. But, if the irritations are eliminated within a reasonable amount of time, your skin may return to its original state.

When caring for sensitive skin, use calming ingredients. Seaweed, olive oil, olive leaf extracts, green and white tea are natural antioxidants that help with free radical damage, and should be ingredients in your skin care and cosmetics.

Tips for sensitive skin:
  1. Your cosmetics should be rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in order to protect, hydrate and defend against any environmental factors attributed to skin sensitivity
  2. Throw away any beauty products that may be contaminated with bacteria
  3. Avoid highly fragranced products, essential oils (like The Scandle Essential Lotion Candles) are okay because they are all-natural
  4. Do not over-exfoliate; avoid scrubbing or scratching
  5. Always try to use products made especially for sensitive skin types
Do you have any great beauty products perfect for sensitive skin? Let us know!!

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